out of the box

Come back at night to see two boxes📦  happy < /span>

I have been waiting for a week, and I feel that the delivery has slowed down recently It was all before Four days or so A week or so recently.< /p>

The small box is the moon cake I bought, it is written that it will be shipped at the end of August, but it will be shipped around September 5th. Long wait!

The packaging is still beautiful, classic beauty~ I like this cover very much span>

Buy only one box Six in it.Two lotus seed pastes, two jujube paste wait

Luoshi fans must have at home,

Konjac flour is the first time I bought it, so convenient Boil water for two or three Just minutes! still delicious

And Yumei Maocai.

This squid stick was bought from the comments, and I was not disappointed haha

The other is with snail powder!

Coconut melon seeds are still very fragrant The others are bought together

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晚上回来看见两个箱子📦  开心 

等了我一个星期,感觉最近快递变慢了 之前都是四天左右 最近都是一个星期.

小箱子是买的月饼,写着是八月底发货,但是九月五号左右才发. 等了好久!

包装还是好看的,古典美人呀~ 很喜欢这个封面

只买了一盒 里面六个.两个莲蓉,两个枣泥 等等


魔芋粉是第一次买,好方便的 开水泡两三分钟就好了! 还是挺好吃的




椰香瓜子还是很香的 其他几个都是凑单买的