【Gegtan Store·Tucson】Izumi Japanese buffet with oysters? Step on 💣

1⃣️ Environment: Opening3-4 It's been a month It's a very new store span>~The environment is very good and has a sense of design Full of modernity A little industrial interior It looks cool anyway!!The store is huge has different regional differentiation You can freely choose the part you like or it is more humanized!

2⃣️Taste: The taste of the buffet is actually average. There is nothing to look forward to except some high-quality Japanese buffet span>~The taste of this restaurant is worse than ordinary buffet! !! I feel that I am not worthy of decoration in the store~

🍴Oysters: To be honest, the first gimmick of his family was oysters. Because trying to use which oysters to show their differences to show their differences High cortex on other buffets~but only limited to one per person It's really not enough to get between my teeth~Although I am not anything I am an expert in eating oysters, but I can still taste that this oyster is the most common type of oyster. The size of an oyster Very small Although it is really fresh But the taste is indescribable Oysters can clearly taste a metallic taste< span class="s1">~It is better not to eat it!

🦀️crab legs: In addition to the so-called oysters, there are more attractive crabbut also limited Two per person~ seems to feel better But crab legs are not fresh It's the kind of frozen very stale One bite is frozen ice The meat is very loose!!!

🍣Sushi Buffet: Only normal sushi ComparativelowSushi can be ordered more It seems that eel can only be eaten once? Sushi quality is really low Sushi Rice It is hard and cold, and it feels indigestible.!!And the taste is not as good as ours< The Japanese sushi in span class="s1">mall is delicious Very bad value😂No sushi to eat~ span>

🍆Tempura: The bad reviews don't taste the crispy tempura at all! The skin and the inside are soft It tastes a little hard  Very bad Delicious~

The whole meal is cold anyway The stomach is cold< /span> Tempura and everything are cold, this is convincing~ span>I was looking forward to it at the beginning It turned out that the price-performance ratio was so low that I still had a meal< /span>Cold mealThe whole person is not good!!! Yes, the price seems to be27Knife alone Although it is so cheap, I can't ask for that much But at least give me something to eat, okay?

3⃣️Services: There are many waiters in the store Chinese and foreigners < /span>No enthusiasm very ordinary~

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【格格探店•图森】Izumi 有生蚝的日式自助? 踩 💣

1⃣️环境: 开业3-4个月了吧 也算是一家很新的店铺了~环境很好很有设计感 满满的现代化气息 有点儿带工业化的内饰装修 反正看上去就很酷!!店铺很大 有不同的区域分化 可以自由选择喜欢的部分还是比较人性化的!

2⃣️味道:自助餐的味道其实大多都是一般般的 除开一些高品质的日料自助外都没什么值得期待的~这家的味道相比普通的自助都还要差一些!!! 感觉店铺里面的是我配不上装修啊~

🍴生蚝: 说实话他家最开始的噱头就是生蚝 因为试图用哪个生蚝来展示自己的不一样来展示自己的区别于其他自助餐的高皮质~可是却仅仅限制每人一个 真的完全不够塞牙缝~虽然说我并不是什么吃生蚝的专家呢但是我还是可以品出来这个生蚝就是那种最最普通的级别的. 生蚝的个头非常的小 虽然说的确比较新鲜 可是口感却很一言难尽 生蚝可以明显的吃出一股金属味~吃了还不如不吃!

🦀️蟹腿: 除开所谓的生蚝还有的就是比吸引人的crab但是也是限量的 每人两个~看似感觉好多了 但是其实蟹腿并不是新鲜的 而是那种冷冻的非常的不新鲜 吃一口就是冷冻的冰 肉质很散不好!!!

🍣寿司自助: 只有比较普通的寿司 比较low的寿司可以多点 好像鳗鱼都只能吃一次? 寿司品质真的很低 寿司米都是硬邦邦的冷冷的吃了感觉都要不消化!!而且味道还没有我们这里mall里的日本小寿司好吃 非常不划算😂没什么可以下肚的寿司~

🍆天妇罗: 差评完全没有吃出天妇罗的那种一口酥脆的感觉! 表皮和内里都是绵绵的吃起来还有点儿硬  很不好吃~

反正整顿饭吃下来都是冷冰冰的 胃都凉凉的 天妇罗什么的都是冷的这的服气~本来开始还满怀期待的 结果性价比低到谷底还吃一顿冷饭整个人都不好了!!! 对了价格貌似是27刀一个人 虽然说这么便宜也不能要求那么多 但是至少给我一样可以吃的好吗?

3⃣️服务:店里有很多的服务员 中国人啊外国人都有 谈不上热情 就非常普通吧~