Inexpensive and easy to use aunt towel

Look at these three models are really cheap, I don't really like American-style mesh aunt towel, I still like soft and soft. Originally I only bought 18cm18cm, and then I used it when my aunt had a small amount, and suddenly found it very useful, and bought it again18cm span>21.5 and 25cm , really feel cheap and easy to use. Different lengths meet different needs.

The following one is for long nights and is not expensive,30cm , I like to toss and turn in my sleep at night, and I'm not afraid of leakage at all.

The last one is a little more expensive, but the important thing is that it prevents dysmenorrhea and has a slight herbal smell. I have really repurchased it countless times. The goods will be stocked up, but, it may be too popular and always out of stock. Both lengths are good, a little thicker than the previous ones, but very comfortable and not afraid of a lot.

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