Yamibuy is really indispensable for university life If you want to eat what suits your appetite, just rely on it Cooking is getting better Pink turkey noodles have an extra packet of cheese powder Not as spicy as the original Because I don't like eating cheese very much, I only added a small half packet won't be boring Sichuan Maocai thinks Yumei is the best! It tastes similar to a small hot pot and is cheap I also bought black sesame seeds (the daily life of a bald girl
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亚米网真的是大学生活不可或缺的东西 想要吃符合自己胃口的就靠它了 厨艺日渐进步 粉色的火鸡面多了一包cheese粉 没有原来的辣 因为我不是很喜欢吃cheese就只加了小半包 不会很腻 四川冒菜觉得与美的最好吃! 和小火锅味道差不多而且便宜 还买了黑芝麻(秃头少女的日常