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As a delicate pig girl🐷, how can you not pay attention to your mouth Clean~ You know, little fairy🧚‍♀️The breath you exhale should also be fresh and pleasant~🍃🍃🍃 < /span>Favorable Value🌸Suddenlyup❗️up❗️

Japan SUNSTAR < /span>This toothpaste is really full of girly hearts~🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 The perfect score of five flowers really can't be less~~ The effect is normal cleaning and whitening, but the rich peach flavor can't help swallowing when brushing your teeth🍑🍑From then on I fell in love with brushing my teeth~The foam is also very rich~

MARVIS The toothpaste trusts the fairies🧚‍♀️< span class="s2">Let's know about it~ commonly known as Hermes in toothpaste👛👛👛~~ So, when I opened the package of this mouthwash, my first impression was that it was very tall and handsome👑👑~ Strong Mint I have a little taste I can't stand it, the mint taste is too strong and spicy🙊🙊~ But the effect is really impressive~ It feels better than average All are easy to use~~ In addition, the capacity is really very small, only 120ml… A bit expensive, but only a small amount is needed each time: water ratio1: 4~~ Overall is recommended🌸~~ After all, all mouthwashes are spicy The taste is inevitable~ This is really queenly feel 👑~~

Or SUNSTAR Oh~ Oral spray really is🐷Girl bag span>👛A must-have item! Going out, if you drink milk tea🍹or eat cake🍰While waiting for dessert…It is easy to leave a taste in the mouth~ span> But it is inconvenient to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth at any time outside~ So bringing a portable oral spray is the best way to solve this problem~~ This The spray is really the best I've ever used~ Just two to three sprays, I feel a breath of fresh air< /span>🍃🍃A smell of mint~ Good effect, not too spicy~~ recommended 🌸🌸🌸

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作为一名精致的猪猪女孩🐷,怎能不注意口腔清洁呐~ 要知道,小仙女🧚‍♀️呼出来的口气也应该是清新怡人的哦~🍃🍃🍃 好感值🌸顿时up❗️up❗️

日本 SUNSTAR 这款牙膏真真是满满的少女心啊啊~🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 满分五朵花花真是不能再少啦~~ 功效就是正常的清洁、美白,可是浓郁的水蜜桃味在刷牙的时候都忍不住一口吞下去🍑🍑从此爱上刷牙~泡沫也很丰富哦~~

MARVIS 的牙膏相信小仙女们🧚‍♀️都有所了解吧~俗称牙膏中的爱马仕👛👛👛~~ 所以说,这款漱口水开包装时给我的第一感觉也是好高大上嘻嘻👑👑~ Strong Mint 的味道我有点不太受得了,薄荷味太浓烈了,很辣🙊🙊~ 不过功效因此确实是很可观的~ 感觉比一般的都好用~~ 另外,容量真的是非常的小,只有120ml… 有点点偏贵,但是每次也只需要很小的用量:兑水比例1:4~~ 总体还是推荐的🌸~~ 毕竟所有漱口水辛辣的味道都不可避免~ 这个用起来真的很有女王的 feel 👑~~

还是 SUNSTAR 的哦~ 口腔喷雾真的是🐷女孩包包👛必不可少的单品哦!出门在外,如果喝奶茶🍹或者吃蛋糕🍰等甜品的时候…很容易在口腔里留下味道哦~ 可是在外面不方便随时刷牙漱口~ 所以带一个便携式的口腔喷雾是解决这个问题最好不过的办法啦~~ 这个喷雾真的是我用过最好用的~ 只需喷两到三下,感觉口气一下清新了🍃🍃一股薄荷味~ 效果好,还不辛辣~~ 推荐推荐🌸🌸🌸