A very heart-wrenching post

I've always wanted to write this post, but the process is so tortuous and painful   Plus another box today   So let's talk    

It looks like a big box and there are not many series😭   

This is a long serial story spanning about ten days

First Yami9.6Reminderselenarestocked cotton pads   I immediately placed an order and bought two boxes

This order includes but is not limited to the following items↓↓↓

The home zip code was where I lived at the time   so the eastern warehouse is defaulted   span>Nice to see Niu Dafang Lanzhou Ramen and Mango Soda   < /span>And Lanfang Garden    span>In addition, jasmine tea and jasmine honey tea have not been drunk for a long time, so I bought them too    

Not long after placing the order, I received an email saying it was shipped    So I happily waited for the package

11I received an email and said it will be delivered tomorrow   Start happy

12School closed for hurricanes   Happier   ; Happy while waiting for the package

As a result, I received an email in the afternoon saying that there was no one at home at the time of delivery, so the package was returned to the neighboring city    I???????     At the time he said it was delivered, it was impossible not to hear a knock on the door when I was cooking in the kitchen     and then receive The email says 13 will be sent to melocker     I will receive an email in a whilepackage damaged

I'm stunned    What happeneddamaged?????!!!

The following isupsdetailed logistics information

Then I got anxious   My milk tea, my face, my cotton pad

Just in time for another hurricaneWhat can I do     Wait

14Numberups Email says processing     bad Take the rest and send it to me   OKI'm waiting

Wait until 18   The hurricane is gone   I golockerHave a look there    lockerBecause of the hurricaneunavailablebecause………


I've been waiting my entire hurricane vacationupsUpdate results daily Check logistics daily No progress, vacation is over and still no news????!!!


What can I do

This time    < span class="s2">It suddenly occurred to me that I saw that big brother's damaged listing    < /span>So I followed the order to find Yami's customer service

Customer service responded very quickly to me! ! ! Tell me to resend    me Happy!!!

Then he told me that I bought18items only 4In stock………Refund the rest

Next dayupsLogistics updatedReturn

Then reissued me soon   22coming soon

But only these

But now I don't have to worry about running out of chili noodles

YesUnscrupulousWet compress! ! ! !

Two boxesselenaThe cotton pads feel like they can last a long time< span class="s1">

You can also bring rice cakes to class   span>Hahaha

I have been waiting for this for a long timeqwqYami's customer service attitude And the service is top notch! ! ! ! 😁

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一直想写这个晒单但是过程太曲折太令我心痛和不爽   加上今天又到了一箱   所以来说一说吧    



首先亚米9.6提醒selena化妆棉补货了   我立马就下单买了两盒


当时首页邮编是我住的地方的   所以默认了东部货仓   很高兴看到有牛大坊兰州拉面和芒果汽水   还有兰芳园    另外茉莉清茶和茉莉蜜茶很久没喝了所以也买了    

下单没多久收到邮件说发货了    于是我开始欢天喜地等包裹

11号收到邮件说明天派送   开始高兴

12号因为飓风学校开始放假   更高兴了   一边高兴一边等包裹

结果下午收到邮件说什么派送的时候家里没人所以包裹被返回到邻市了    ???????     在他说的派送的那个时间点我明明在厨房做菜不可能听不到敲门声啊    然后接着收到邮件说13号会给我送去locker     再过一会收到邮件说我package damaged

我万脸懵逼    咋就damaged了呢????!!!


然后我就开始着急   我的奶茶啊我的面啊我的化妆棉啊啊啊

正好又遇上飓风我能咋办呢    等着吧

14ups邮件说在处理    坏的拿出来剩下的给我再派送   OK我等着

一等等到18   飓风走啦   我去locker那里看了一下    locker因为飓风unavailable………





这时候    我突然想到我看到过大哥那个商品损坏的晒单    于是我就顺着那个晒单去找亚米客服了

客服回复我特别快!!!说给我重发    我开心!!!



然后很快就给我补发了   22号就到了





上课还可以带大米饼吃   哈哈哈