Autumn outfit. Day 1 Autumn outfits are the last chance for an old aunt like me to "miss the lower body". Today, I'm going to invite the group to come with me for a concave shape. Me: Adidas Sweatshirt. AF BoyFriend Shorts Dumplings: Carter Long Sleeves and Pants In fact, shorter shorts would be more harmonious, but unfortunately I only have this one to wear after giving birth. The Adidas Sweatshirt is also one size bigger, I really don't bother to change it. 😂
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秋日穿搭. Day 1 秋日穿搭对我这种老阿姨来讲是可以“下半身失踪”的最后时机。 今天来邀请团子跟我一起来凹造型。 我:Adidas Sweatshirt. AF BoyFriend短裤 团子:Carter 长袖衣服和裤子 其实短裤再短一点会更和谐,可惜我产后只有这一条能穿。Adidas Sweatshirt也大了一号,真的懒得去换了。😂