There is another batch of goods, and the audience is 12% off. Of course, you have to put some blood and replenish the goods. I haven't had walnut milk for a long time, so I bought this to try. I have tried almost all of Xingu Enzymes, and now I want to save money. Use the classic for a few months first. Decomposition yeast happens to be at a discount. It is so popular recently, so I have to try it. Needless to say, melon seeds, how can you watch TV in the Northeast without melon seeds? Five flavors are definitely a favorite. Although I get angry eating this, I drink a lot of water every time I eat it, and I also eat less cake and ice cream. By comparison, it is the healthiest snack. As soon as my colleague's foreigner heard that I was going to buy something at Yami, he quickly asked me to help him bring the scallion-flavored crunch. I was afraid that I would regret it and gave me the money on the spot. 😂
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又到了一批货,全场88折,当然得放点血,补补货。 好久没喝核桃乳了,买了这个尝尝。 新谷酵素差不多都试过了,现在想省钱。先用几个月经典的。 分解酵母正好打折,最近这么火,得试试。 瓜子不用说了,东北的看电视怎么能没有瓜子?五香味绝对是最爱。吃这个虽然上火不过每次吃我都喝一大堆水,还少吃蛋糕和雪糕。对比来说是最健康的零食了。 同事的老外一听我要在亚米买东西就赶紧让我帮他带葱香口味的嘎吱脆。怕我反悔当场就给了我钱。😂