Highly recommend this one! If you are like me and sometimes have the urge to eat spicy hot pot, then you must buy this. Really better than eating at a Sichuan restaurant (I say American). Eat at home at midnight, especially with night market snacks. The vegetables in the veggie version are super crunchy and tasty. There are lotus root slices. Enoki mushroom (see you tomorrow), bamboo shoots, potatoes, beef louver, dried tofu. I really recommend! Be sure to try it once, you will love it. I kept the base material until the next day and continued to cook and eat it once.
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强烈推荐这款!如果你跟我一样,有时候特别有冲动吃麻辣小锅,那一定要买这个. 真的比在四川饭店吃的都爽(我说是美国的)。午夜在家里吃,特别有夜市小吃的赶脚。 蔬菜版里面的蔬菜都超级脆和好吃。有藕片. 金针菇(see you tomorrow)、竹笋、土豆、牛百叶、豆腐干。 我真的很推荐!一定要去吃一次,你会爱上它。底料都被我留在到第二天,继续煮菜吃了一次。