Addicted to Yamibuy, unable to extricate themselves. I have to place an order every week. If I receive a replenishment notice and sometimes I place two orders a week, I am afraid that it will be slow and out of stock. It can be said to be seriously poisoned by 👅 When I'm busy, instant beverages save me, and there are so many new products that I want to try~ I want to be a woman who is determined to eat Yami all over the place!
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沉迷亚米网,无法自拔。每周都要下一单,如果有收到补货通知有时候一周下两单,就怕手慢又断货了,可谓是严重中了亚米网的毒👅 忙的时候速食饮料简直拯救了我,还有那么多新品爆款都想尝试~我要做一个立志吃遍亚米的女人!