[Sprinkling dog food] The team is here! ! Use PF lip glaze to create dating makeup, it's no wonder that TA doesn't kiss her to death! !

In response to the topic [撒狗粮], share the essential makeup for creating the most beautiful dating makeup - lipstick! ! Strongly recommend PF lip glaze, push 10,000 times is not too much!

The one I use is [Goji Berry Red], which is very suitable for autumn and winter. Many things in his family are very useful, the most popular is the butter repair. This lipstick was recommended by the lady in the office. After a group of people tried it around, all the grasses were not spared. Hurry up and look down👇

🌸 Shade: physicians formula 10028 AKA Goji Red

The color of yellow, black and warm skin is very often. I am Huang Yi. I originally wanted to enter the bean paste color recommended by K sister, but I couldn't support it at all, and I felt ten years old. The color of this wolfberry red is very positive, the thin coating shows the complexion, and the thick coating is very aura. It is really a yellow-skinned mother! ! ! I always point 4 times on the lips, and then my fingers are dizzy, and the petals are already lip! !

🌸 Appearance: Don't expect the texture of the open-shelf products. When the photo was taken, it was fine for less than a week. Now the words on the tube are worn away, and the paint on the corners of the lid will also fall off

🌸Texture: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The upper mouth is made of matte velvet, but it will not dry out. It really feels better than Armani's. If you do a good lip primer, you will never get stuck or too dry.

🌸Color Rendering: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The color rendering is very high, so it is rarely thick and full

🌸 Durability: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

As a physique that wears mac ruby woo and can take off makeup at the speed of light, I really cried and fainted in the toilet, but this one magically won't take off quickly! ! My makeup-removing physique can last for more than 3 hours, and the average little fairy is absolutely fine for half a day. But there will be a little sticking to the cup, you can apply a paper towel to play a layer of loose powder after coating, it will not be ~~

📷Photo: Shiseido Snowflake Powder Powder

Good for explosions! ! I bought it in November last year and I haven’t used it yet. I put it on my face with a soft focus for a second, without showing pores or masquerading. It was recently broken by me, repaired twice and still broken, and my heart was broken with her


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🌸色号:physicians formula 10028 AKA枸杞红


🌸 外观:开架产品不要指望有多有质感,拍照的时候是刚入一周不到还可以,现在管上的字都磨没了,盖子边角也会掉漆






作为一个涂mac ruby woo 都会光速脱妆的体质真的哭晕在厕所,但是这款居然神奇的不会很快脱!!我这个脱妆体质都能维持3个小时以上,一般的小仙女半天绝对是没问题的。但是会有一点沾杯,可以在涂完之后敷上纸巾打一层散粉,就不会啦~~