Open the box! Write a simple summary first, and I will post the list after I eat it. Picture 1 I bought shredded squid to try it. Picture 2 and picture 3 are the best snail noodles among several brands in my opinion! ! ! The powder is not easy to boil! ! ! The color is different and the weight is different, basically the same! ! ! Picture 4 is orange juice, I don't know why it's on clearance, it's super cheap! It will only expire in October next year, I think I can buy it! If it tastes good, I will stock up! Picture 5 I bought something I was going to eat in hot pot.
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开箱啦!先写个简单的小结 等我吃了一一晒单。 图一鱿鱼丝买来尝尝的, 图二图三是我觉得几个牌子里最好吃的螺蛳粉!!!粉不容易煮烂!!!颜色不同是分量不同,基本差不多啦!!! 图四是橘子汁,不知道为何在清仓,超便宜啊!明年十月份才过期,我觉得可以买!如果好喝我就囤货! 图五买了我准备下火锅吃的。