This cake is so delicious The disadvantage is that it is not easy to save after opening a package Even though I ate a big bowl of noodles tonight, I couldn't help but eat two pieces The one Yami bought is called Jingcunwu, the original one I ate today I also bought the cheese flavor (picture 3), the matcha flavor (picture 4) and the chocolate flavor. Make a simple breakfast, just eat two pieces and drink something, it's really comfortable in the morning By the way, let’s take a look at other snacks. The Indonesian Camp Duogan Fried Noodles was recommended by a friend. I have eaten it once and liked it. By the way, I would like to recommend Yumei's lazy people to take food (Picture 8) The ghosts of five packs and one box know when they will be replenished. Now there are single boxes. They are all out of stock in minutes. If you like spicy food, you must not miss it! Bread, dorayaki and beef soup are the first time I bought it. I haven't tried it yet. If it is delicious, I will recommend it. ps: Snail powder is swallowed every day to harm the next door! By the way, should I pay for the advertising fee for advertising Yami like this?
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这个蛋糕是真好吃了 缺点就是一包打开后不好保存 今晚即使吃了一大碗面还是忍不住吃了两块 亚米买的叫 井村屋 今天吃的是原味 一起还买了芝士口味(图三)抹茶口味(图四)还有巧克力口味没买 做个早饭简简单单吃两块再喝点什么早上就真的很舒服了 顺便晒一下其他零食 印尼营多干炒面是朋友推荐的 吃过一次也是赞的不行了 顺便推荐一下与美的懒人冒菜啊(图8) 五包一盒的鬼知道什么时候会补货 现在还有单盒的 都是分分钟断货的东西 喜欢吃辣的一定不能错过了! 面包 铜锣烧和牛肉汤都是第一次购入 还没试 要是好吃再推荐 ps:螺蛳粉日常吞 祸害隔壁! 话说我这样给亚米打广告是不是该结一下广告费啊!