🇺🇸PTR | 24K Gold Eye Mask Firming & Anti-Wrinkle "Small Iron"👀

Today I am going to share a good eye mask with all the exquisite pig girls"Peter Thomas Roth"Home's24KGolden Eye Film!Actually, I have bought this eye mask for a long time < /span>Bought it during the lastSephorasale~But it was only recently used. So today I will share with you a wave of experience!

 Eyes are very difficult for girls Important So taking care of your eyes and surrounding area is also important! However, because everyone now loves staying up late and unhealthy lifestyles Causes unsightly dark circles/eye bags and fine lines It greatly affects the appearance of our little fairy!So it must be used regularly Eye Masks and Creams Keep your eyes looking younger! span>

 thisPTRThe packaging of the 24Golden Eye Mask see Going up is very gorgeous.~After opening, there is a small independent spoon to easily take the eye mask inside It is quite convenient and hygienic!A total of 30slices(15< span class="s2">Yes) It can be used twice a week7weekly cost performance is quite high!The inner golden eye mask is also Very extravagant gold and the main effect is the same as the gold mask for eye anti-aging Anti-wrinkle Firming around the eyes Smooth fine lines!

 This personal feeling is quite good Good First of all, the eye mask is very soft TextureQQBouncy~It is very comfortable to apply on the eyes and cool and cool!It can not only apply to the eye area It can also be applied to the nasolabial folds I feel the obvious delicacy after using it!Package!But this eye mask has a few small The disadvantage 1 is that there is no essence compared to other eye masks Apply5< /span>6minutes is almost there~②MaskQQvery soft Nails are too long and easy to pinch out😓

 😝 Okay, that's it for today's Gege's sharing Hope you like my sharing Like my pictures Bi Xin ღ( ´ ` ) Hope you all have a great day span> 💖

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🇺🇸PTR | 24K黄金眼膜 紧致抗皱"小熨斗"👀

今天准备来给各位精致的猪猪女孩们分享一款还不错的眼膜"Peter Thomas Roth"家的24K黄金眼膜!其实这款眼膜我已经买了很久了 上次Sephora打折的时候买的了~但是呢最近才拿出来使用 所以今天才来给大家分享一波使用心得!

 对于女孩子来说眼睛可是很重要的 所以呵护眼睛及眼周健康也是很重要的!不过呢由于大家现在都很爱熬夜和不健康的生活作息 会导致难看的黑眼圈/眼袋和细纹 非常的影响我们小仙女的颜值!所以呢一定要定期的使用眼膜和眼霜 这样才能保持眼部的年轻!

 这款PTR24黄金眼膜的包装看上去就是金灿灿的非常的华丽~打开之后有一个独立的小勺子可以方便取里面的眼膜 还是挺方便卫生的!眼膜一共有30(15) 一周两次的话可以用大概7周性价比还是挺高的!内里黄金眼膜也是非常贵气的金色 并且主打的功效也是和黄金面膜一样的眼部抗衰老 抗皱纹 紧致眼周 抚平小细纹!

 这款个人的使用感还是挺不错的 首先眼膜很软 质地QQ弹弹的~敷上眼睛清清凉凉的蛮舒服的!并且不仅可以敷眼周还可以敷在法令纹处 我自己使用之后感受到了明显的精致!打包票!但是这个眼膜有几个小缺点①就是相比其他的眼膜没什么精华 56分钟就差不多啦~②面膜QQ的非常软 指甲太长容易掐出缺口😓

 😝 好啦今天格格的分享就到这里啦 希望大家喜欢我的分享 喜欢我的图片 比心 ღ( ´ ` ) 愿大家都有开心美好的一天 💖