Let me recommend a niche product. I am not a niche product in the United States, but Xiaohongshu doesn't seem to have a label. This essential oil was in the 15% off Sephora set before, and the bottle has been used up. This time I repurchased the dress, the best La Mer replacement I've found so far. The preferred consistency and moisturization are similar to La Mer Renewal oil. Although not as fast as La Mer, it is also good. It can also play an emulsifying function. If you are curious about its home, you can try its home set. The full price is $70/30ml.
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来推荐一个小众产品,我是在美国已经不算小众了,但是小红书好像没有标签。 这款精油是之前丝芙兰八五折的套装里的,已经用空瓶了。这次我回购了正装,是我目前找到的最棒的La Mer的代替品。 首选黏稠度和滋润度与La Mer Renewal oil很相似,吸收虽然没有La Mer快,但也不错。同样能起到乳化功能。如果对它家很好奇,可以尝试一下它家的套装。 正装价格在$70/30ml。