Dangerous Purchasing Journey - Feeling Fat Again

This is the second time I bought it from Taiwan Go, and I have to share the loot I bought this time

1. Amethyst Crisp - Take advantage of this discount to add in, the fragrant taro is wrapped in mochi, and the outer skin is baked and eaten crunchy~ It is a very dangerous taro cake

2. Kobayashi Pancake Sharing Package - It is also a cookie with a good price that can be eaten for a long time. Every time it is sent, it is super fresh. Compared with the ordinary pancakes bought in the supermarket, I feel that the supermarket ones have become soft

3. Huadiao Beef Noodles - also a special product bought during this event, add some sauerkraut, braised beef, Qingjiang vegetables, and sprinkle with chopped green onion~ so delicious

4. Kobayashi Buttercream - No explanation. . Ancient flavor~

5. Guo Yuanyi's Mini Egg Yolk Crisp - This is also a wait-and-see for a while and finally started ~ The fresh, crispy and delicious, I think the CP value is much higher than that of the ordinary pastry shop, and the packaging is exquisite and the materials are real

I feel like I'm getting fat again

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這已經是第二次跟Taiwan Go買,不得不分享一下這次洋洋灑灑買的戰利品