Pisces wants the box to check again and again!

Double Eleven's big discount is finally here! Just enough to clear up the items that have been put in the shopping cart for a long time but have not collected enough shipping fee!

I haven't posted anything like this for a long time! It's very cool to see densely packed with wood~

For example, this turkey noodle has been in my shopping cart for a long time! I only found out after I placed an order, it turns out that this one is also discounted!

Although I can't eat spicy food very much, I always buy a few packs a year (sorry, I really can't eat too much)

My instant noodles are divided into two types, one is for seasoning packets, and the other is purely for eating convenient and quick noodles. The turkey noodles are used to store the seasoning packets, because it is really spicy(///< span class="s1">///)Half of the spicy buns is really delicious. Adding a little sugar, a little milk and shredded cheese is a challenge to myself. , and it will not be so spicy. The extra spicy buns can be put a little in the fried rice when you want to eat it later, which is less oily and more flavorful.

The second type of noodles must be Shin Ramen~

Green vegetable and tomato luncheon meat, home-cooked ingredients that are different but not conflicting with each other, not heavy in taste, soaked in juicy vegetable soup, Shin ramen is the best at this moment

Not only noodle soup, but the classic Korean fried noodles Shin ramen is also hold ! what! hoo hoo times! The elasticity of the ramen noodles has been heated back and forth in the pot, not only did not become demotivated, but more dynamic. After the rice cake is fried, it becomes soft and glutinous, with a little sweetness. The whole bowl of noodles is fresh and sweet and has an aftertaste, it really deserves to be a classic for ten years!

I saw the reviews of soy milk and bought the original and black beans, as well as the low-sugar version. In comparison, the original taste is a bit more fluid, the bean taste is not as strong as black beans, and it is sweeter. The taste of black beans is thicker, the bean taste is definitely obvious, and it is not so sweet. Everyone is different!

By the way! This time, when I went to the office to pick up the courier, I saw several boxes of fellow uncles piled up! You can just watch it! !

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