🎊Double Eleven Snacks➕Drinks list~ I bought chrysanthemum tea for the male ticket before and he likes it very much. This time I also bought soy milk and coconut milk for him to try. He said he prefers coconut milk 😂 I only tried normal and 2x turkey noodles. This time I bought the carbo when it was in stock. Hope it tastes delicious😍😋 The jasmine noodles are my favorite. About snacks - both of us are people who love to buy but don't eat much😂 These plus what we usually buy are enough for us to eat until next semester
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🎊双十一零食➕饮料晒单~ 之前给男票买了菊花茶他超级喜欢 这次还买了豆奶和椰奶让他试试 他说更喜欢椰奶😂 火鸡面只试过正常和2x的 这次carbo有货就果断买了 希望好吃😍😋 炸酱面是男票喜欢的 关于零食 - 我们两个都属于爱买又吃不多的😂 这些加上平常买的够我们吃到下个学期了