Gemini || Uncle Tongdao's first bullet out of the box!

💕This double11.Do you have the rhythm of buying and buying to go bankrupt😂?

A total of four orders have been placed at Yami! Received two orders today.a box with a fellow uncle. A normal box.Why? anyway.After so long together, here's an unboxing photo!

💕These two orders mainly bought the products that were killed on the first day.

I basically bought everything I liked in the beauty and skin care category

Have a big group photo! Dangdang✨✨✨

Stupidly think that each product can only choose one.

I later learned that some can be purchased1more than 😂

I forgot to take a photo of zeromakeup remover😂! I also grabbed a can

💕Tell me about the three favorite products‼ ️

In fact, I am very interested in every product( o)Wow! If you don't mind, you won't buy it! But if you have to choose three.then go for these three things! As shown below:

1️⃣Jiangzhong Monkey Mushroom.It was also mentioned in the previous post.Highly recommended.This time the black sesame flavor comes out! How can you not buy it! !

The earliest time I heard the rice in the Jiangzhong Hougu .Or from China .I was very planted at that time.I always wanted to buy it for my mom to try.because Mom has a bad stomach.I am more particular about what I eat.< /span>This rice thin can warm and nourish the stomach.It's perfect! Will keep repurchasing!

Jiangzhong Hougu contains many precious ingredients.There are rice< /span>.Oatmeal.Poria.White lentils.Barley .Lotus.Yam.Ginseng. Licorice.Orange peel.< /span>Amomum etc..

It is available in bags and cans.Original and sesame flavors .I bought the bag.< span class="s5">One box contains15bags. One bag a day can be eaten for half a month! This time I entered three boxes at once.and the back of the box is very intimate to teach us how to brew. span>.

2️⃣Healthy Water.330mlAvailable price78.It's a bargain! !

3️⃣Thiskiss meThe mascara has also been recommended before. very useful. Used several. Does not smudge.fits my lashes.Not like the European and American mascara that will collapse when used.

💕Each box also comes with a postcard.It seems that if you collect four different cards, you will have a chance to summon the dragon!

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3️⃣这款kiss me睫毛膏之前也有推荐过。很好用。用了好几只了。不晕妆.很适合我的睫毛的.不像欧美睫毛膏那种用了会塌.