What a surprise!! The uncle's box is too cute, I thought I would only receive a normal Yami box 😆 So happy, I finally repurchased (5 packs) of Lanzhou Ramen! Lobawang is often out of stock, and Haohuanluo is also a good choice. White peach soda, although the ingredients in it are not too healthy, the taste of white peach is really fragrant~ The second repurchase of shredded squid is a must for watching dramas. 🥰
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What a surprise!! 同道大叔的箱子也太可爱了吧,我还以为我只会收到普通的Yami箱子😆 好开心,终于回购到了(5包)兰州拉面!螺霸王经常缺货,好欢螺也是不错的选择。白桃汽水,虽然里面的成份不算太健康,但白桃味真的好香啊~鱿鱼丝第二次回购,看剧必备。🥰