The balance that needs to be cooked by myself is the first time I bought it in Yami, and I used to be in Yachao, but the coordinates are not in places with many Chinese, and the supermarkets are very limited. At least 2 supermarkets can barely get what I want. Due to the strong "survival desire", I found Yami on the Internet. It's really too powerful. Don't go out if the basic needs can be met🧚‍♀️, open the box🎉, most of them have been eaten before, so the taste Right on. The second order is on the way. It is estimated that I will buy it at Yamibuy in the future. If there are various products recommended, I will attach them later. If you like spicy food, I recommend Laoganma’s spicy dishes😻. Before in China, a bag of 1 yuan is a must-have for travel. It is moderately spicy, and it is suitable for bibimbap, noodles, and noodles. 🤷‍♀️
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