I heard that you have to open the box and show the order to get a free order? 😂😂😂 My boxes are all thrown away, only the big ones that can hold things are left... The only other box left is the one that can't be recycled. A big box every time? ? I may be the Taurus who buys and eats the most🤣🤣🤣On average, at least one order per week is enough ————————————————————————- Needless to say, one of my favorite snacks since I was a snack, garlic is the most classic, and corn and lobster are also delicious. As soon as I received it, I tried Tumbler's instant soup with rice. The beef bone soup was delicious! The taste of pepper and beef bone soup, but there is definitely msg. After eating it, the mouth will be dry, so it is more suitable to deal with it when time is short. The kelp and beef taste is not so fresh, I don't know if it is my illusion that I am not so thirsty after eating. I have also tried their abalone porridge... um... It's just a bowl of ordinary porridge with abalone added, the two are not integrated, just like the abalone added to the white porridge after cooking, It should be clearer to describe it this way. Needless to say, coconut milk is a must-buy for every order, and it is necessary to relieve tiredness. There are still a lot of labels that can't be added, after all, it's a big box, so it's impossible to have just a few of them haha
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听说一定要开箱晒单才有免单?😂😂😂我的箱子全扔了只剩大的能装东西的那种...唯一一个还剩的同道箱子是回收放不下了🌚🌚🌚那啥...在亚米买东西太多了每次都是一大箱??我可能才是金牛座吧买吃的最多🤣🤣🤣平均每星期至少一单也是够了 —————————————————————- 粟一烧不用说,从小吃到大最爱的零食之一,蒜香最经典,玉米和龙虾也很好吃 一收到就试了下不倒翁的速食汤泡饭,牛骨汤的好吃!胡椒加牛骨汤的味道,不过可以肯定是有msg的,吃完会口干,比较适合时间少的时候对付一下。 海带牛肉味就没那么鲜,不知道是不是我的错觉好像吃完也没那么渴。 他们家的鲍鱼粥我也试过了....额...就是一碗普通的粥里面加了鲍鱼吧,二者并没有融合,就像是煮好了白粥才往里面加的鲍鱼,这么形容应该比较清楚吧。 椰汁不用说了,每单必买,解腻必备。 还有很多标签加不下了,毕竟又是一大箱,总不可能就这几样吧哈哈