【Hokkaido Soy Sauce Tonkotsu Ramen | Instant Ramen Not Losing to a Ramen Shop】 Another pack of Marutai ramen in Xiaohong mall last time! ! Asahikawa Tonkotsu Soy Sauce Ramen! There is a packet of lard directly attached to the seasoning package, and it is really super fragrant after being washed with hot water! The umami of the soy sauce and the lard are also very well integrated. I cut a little chopped green onion myself. Hahahahaha Although the soup base looks very clear, it is actually very rich in flavor. I really like the noodles in this series of ramen! ! It has a soft and hard taste, and it is not easy to swell after soaking for a long time. I personally like it! Compared to other types of ramen I ate three years ago, the improvements in the noodles I have tried recently are very pleasing to me! (Before the strip will be a little softer)
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【北海道酱油豚骨拉面|不输拉面店的速食拉面】 上次小红mall里的Marutai拉面的另外一包!!旭川豚骨酱油拉面! 调料包里直接附了一包猪油,热水冲起去以后真的超级香!酱油的鲜味和猪油融合的也非常好,我自己剪了一点葱花上去哈哈哈哈哈哈 虽然汤底看着很清澈但是其实风味很浓厚的 这系列拉面的面条我都蛮喜欢的!!偏细硬的口感 泡久了也不容易胀开 我个人还蛮喜欢的!比起三年前我吃的其他种类的他们家的拉面,最近试吃的几款在面条本身做的改进算是很讨我喜欢的!(以前面条会再细软一点)