My unlimited repurchase snail powder. The weather in the east has started to get very, very cold. It is really nice to have a bowl of hot snail noodles in such a season. My favorite among snail fans is the brand of snail bawang. It is the one I can repurchase infinitely. 🍴 And a pair of good-looking tableware can really help the taste of food greatly improve. This set of 4 tableware sets was purchased from Target. I chose bold local gold. What a domineering color. There are no chopsticks. But the quality is really good. It's a little heavy. It's okay. Exercise your arms while eating. Then. I continue to eat and eat.
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我的无限回购螺狮粉. 东部的天气已经开始非常非常冷了.这样的季节来一碗热腾腾的螺狮粉真的好幸福.而螺狮粉里我最爱的就是螺霸王这个牌子.无限回购的就是它了. 🍴而一副颜值高的餐具真的可以帮助食物味道大大D提高.这套4餐具件套购于Target.我选了大胆的土豪金.多霸气的颜色.颜值算很高了.可惜的是没有筷子.不过质量真的非常好.有点重就是了..也好.吃饭顺便锻炼个手臂. 那么.我继续吃吃吃了.