Hmm, there's nothing wrong with this topic 🤔 We just have to study how to serve this head

Actually, I hate title parties.🐒I feel like this question is a bit tricky 😯

However, I didn't lie to you guys

This is the head we are talking about today......The top care (#^.^#)

Ok alright I admit it is actually Shampoo and conditioner< /span> Yes😑😑

But this can't be ignored🤨

Don't think that hair care is a simple and rude way of squeezing a shampoo in your hand, rubbing it on the top of your head, scratching your hair, and rinsing it off.☹️☹️It's not that simple ( ̄O ̄;) p>

If you are the one described above“rude” (rude quotes🐒no I'm scolding you), then you really have to learn to be nice to your head😂

After all, you finalrely on the operation of this brain, you still Don't you hurry up and be nice to it? 😁

But honestly, if you take care of your hair so that it doesn't get messy, you'll feel your head lighter and your thoughts will be clearer, right? (⊙ω⊙)

Be kind to your baby and start with choosing a good shampoo👩‍🏫

I have already repurchased this Korean RYO Zilu shampoo 🙋

Although I only repurchased it once, I stocked three bottles at once😗😗

This is the best shampoo I've ever used since I came to America👌👌

Have used local brands before,panTing, more fen...

It doesn't feel right🤨If the first two are used, the hair will be dry and frizzy knot; in the latter case, the hair will be very oily after use and feel unclean🤦🏻‍♀️🙍🏻‍♀️

This Zilu is very good!

My hair is a bit oily, so I bought it for oily hair. After use, the hair is very soft and clean, it will feel soft and not knotted, it gives me the illusion that I have already applied conditioner💆 🏻‍♀️

The smell is not the smell of the essence, there is no strong fragrance, it is more inclined to a ginseng smell, after washing the hair is not very fragrant but feels more relaxed, the hair will not be heavy a feeling of.

For girls who like to have their hair fragrant after washing and leave a scent after a shake, this shampoo is also a good choice. The big deal is that you choose one with a stronger fragrance. Is it the conditioner for you?😂😂

Actually, I was thinking of writing another hair conditioner recommendation, but I'm a little sleepy💤😗😗 p>

Then please listen to the next breakdown......

Good luckfinalgood luck

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咱今天谈的,正是这颗脑袋......上面那层保护套......的清洁护理 (#^.^#)

好啦好啦我承认啦其实就是 洗发和护发 了😑😑


可别以为头发洗护就是简单粗暴地挤一坨洗发液在手里然后蹭在头顶上再把头发抓一抓然后冲干净就完事了☹️☹️事情可没那么简单 ( ̄O ̄;)





这款韩国RYO 的紫吕洗发水我已经回购过一次了哦🙋