The popular Lion King Enzyme Cleansing and Whitening Toothpaste This Japanese Lion King toothpaste is a very popular toothpaste. The toothpaste is mild in nature and has a slight mint fresh taste. It will not be too cold and irritating, and the foam is delicate and rich. The enzymes contained in toothpaste can decompose tartar, deeply remove tartar, and prevent tartar from adhering to the surface of the teeth. Regarding whitening, I have not seen any effect for the time being. Maybe it varies from person to person. There are three colors of toothpaste, each color represents a different taste Green: Citrus Mint Blue: super cool mint Orange: Refreshing mint flavor The above is my sharing, I hope you will like it 💕
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人气超高的狮王酵素洁净美白牙膏 这款日本狮王的牙膏是一款人气超高的牙膏 牙膏性质温和 有微微的薄荷清新味道 不会太过冰凉刺激 泡沫细腻丰富 牙膏里含有的酵素能将牙垢分解 深度去牙垢 而且抑制牙垢附着在牙齿表面 关于美白方面的话 我暂时没看到有什么效果 也许是因人而异哦 牙膏有三种颜色 每一款颜色代表不同的味道 绿色:柑橘薄荷味 蓝色:超爽薄荷味 橙色:清爽薄荷味 以上就是我的分享 希望你们会喜欢💕