"One bite is full of fragrance" Zhiweiguan Jade Lotus Seed Paste and Egg Yolk Crisp, catch your heart, catch your heart

The saliva flows down drop by drop

Winter days, the weather is too cold, do you want to be a hand-picker? Order takeaway and worry about unhealthy?  

Zhiweiguan improves the traditional baking method, the skin is more crispy, and the aftertaste is endless...

Upgraded recipe for egg yolk pastry, bright color

Take a bite, take a deep breath, and experience the collision of taste buds and food

High-quality honey selected from beehives, 100% fresh cream, high-concentration cheese and soft meat floss, nutritious and delicious, share with you

There are many ways to love one's hometown, one of which is love to eat, and a great way to see a good trait and share it. Domestic traditional food is rooted in Chinese characteristic culture, from local to international, and then back to the construction and maintenance of its own brand, which is a spiral upward.
But only after eating can you have a say, see what my harem has to say about this cake~

Xiaoni believes that food is a direct link to happiness. Every time a new taste appears, we will contact the database to compare the existing taste buds. If the match is zero, a brand new label will be created automatically. Want to experience this fast track together?

Little Nini is delicious and not recommended, this little master is so domineering~~~ Hong Kong Yinni

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“咬一口满口留香“知味观翡翠莲蓉蛋黄酥,抓心 抓心


绵绵冬日,天气太冷,想做剁手党? 点外卖又担心不健康? 







小尼尼好吃不推荐,本小主就是这样的霸气~~~ 香港英尼