Homemade Thai Oxtail Soup | Better than Tom Yum Soup Thai Oxtail Soup! So good! ! ! After simmering for four hours, I feel that the oxtail is too little after eating... The beef is completely rotten, but the tendons and gums around the tailbone are too fragrant. If you suck it carefully, you can still eat the juice in the bones. TaT I have never liked oxtail soup since I was a child... I think my mother's cooking is so greasy and fishy, but I didn't expect the oxtail here in the United States to be pretty good. Adding lemongrass and lemongrass to stew is not greasy at all, and the sweetness is completely adjusted with onions and tomatoes, except for the large pieces of tomatoes added at the end, which are basically melted into the soup Before eating ➕ lime juice, super cool! ! ! Delicious on an equal footing with Tom Yum Kung Soup I decided to fry the oxtail and then stew it next time, it will definitely be more fragrant
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yami_featured_image 自制泰式牛尾汤| 比冬阴功汤还好喝 泰式牛尾汤!太好喝了!!! 炖了四个小时 吃完觉得牛尾加少了…牛肉已经完全烂了但是尾骨边上的筋和胶质也太香了,仔细吸还能吃到骨头里的汁水TaT 我从小就不爱喝牛尾汤……觉得我妈做的好腻好腥没想到美国这边的牛尾还不错呢 加了香茅和柠檬草炖感觉一点也不腻,甜味也完全用洋葱和番茄来调了,除了最后加进去的大块番茄之前加的基本都融在汤里了 吃前➕青柠汁,超爽的!!!和冬阴功汤平起平坐的好吃 我决定下次把牛尾煎烤一下再炖 肯定更香