【Can you find the old Chinese soap 🧼 in Yami? 】 Recommend an old brand soap in Shanghai, China: Shanghai Bee Flower Soap🧼 One of the most recommended is Bee Flower Sandalwood Soap 😗 Let me tell you quietly, Bee Flower Sandalwood Soap is a registered trademark. The registered scope of Shanghai Soap's Bee Flower brand is "Sandalwood Soap". Bee Flower Sandalwood Soap has a history of 87 years. It was the most popular soap product in soaps before the production of polylipid beauty soaps (ask your mother 👩, you will probably know haha) The other scented soaps in the picture are also produced by this brand, and the taste is also very good 👌 Of course, I personally think that sandalwood soap is the most suitable for me 🤗
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【中国老牌香皂🧼在亚米就找得到?】 推荐一个中国上海老牌字香皂:上海蜂花香皂🧼 其中最为推荐的是 蜂花檀香皂 😗悄悄告诉你,蜂花檀香皂是被注册商标了的哦 上海制皂拥有蜂花品牌的注册范围是“檀香皂”。蜂花檀香皂已拥有87年的历史,在多脂类美容香皂产生之前是香皂中最受欢迎的一种香皂产品(这个问问妈妈👩大概就知道了哈哈) 图片里其他的香味的香皂也是这个品牌出产的,味道也是很好的哦👌当然个人觉得还是檀香皂最合我意🤗