Drink Monster 👹 | A wave of Christmas stockings are all my favorites 🍹

🔸I received it today🍚Buy a single drink As a drink monster, there must be a lot of stock at home at any time< span class="s1"> Otherwise I feel like I can't live hahaha~Although it is not good to drink too many drinks But I feel that I can't eat without drinks at all😂And I really can't drink plain water

🔸This repurchase also has a lot of varieties < span class="s2">I personally think the drinks I buy are relatively less so"junk food &Colored drinks" !I don’t like coloured or carbonated drinks(🥤Except Coke!) I prefer sparkling water Juice🍹Soy milk and coconut milk!Basically no coloring~

🔸My favorite in the repo is: p>

1⃣️TOKOMASUSparkling Water:This time is my favorite fresh white peach🍑 span>And little mango🥭➕New little cantaloupe< span class="s1">🍈 It tastes very fresh and refreshing Not too sweet Super delicious!

2⃣️Tea Pie: Peach Oolong🍑➕Journey to the West Jasmine Tea🍃➕ span>Grapefruit Green Tea🍵 this The sweeter fruit tea is also delicious I like to add some ice every time Dilute the sweetness and it's perfect!I love the fruity scent!

3⃣️VITABlackcurrant: 🍇Blackcurrant Juice It's actually grape juice Very sweet and sour I haven’t bought one for almost a year😂forgot It exists must be trusted again!

4⃣️PALDOGamma juice: Small jar Affordable Only0.69💲A bottle Sweet and delicious The clear and light rice juice tastes very refreshing!Also You can drink real rice fun It tastes like non-alcoholic rice wine🍶

5⃣️Erie Grains: Black Valley Grain Milk🥛A milk I like very much in China It's milkThe taste of black beans Full of cereal flavor and light milk flavor is super delicious!Very fragrant!

6⃣️Tropical Impression Hainan Coconut Juice: 🥥Pure natural coconut freshly squeezed is very fresh and real Also a big bottle super bargain!Like this natural sweet and unflavored flavor👍

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饮料怪物👹 |一波圣诞囤货 全是最爱的🍹

🔸今天收到来亚🍚买的一单饮料 作为一个饮料怪物家里随时都必须要有很多囤货 不然感觉自己活不了哈哈哈~虽然感觉喝太多饮料不太好 但是感觉没饮料根本吃不下饭😂而且白水真的也喝不下去

🔸这次回购的品种也挺多的 我个人觉得我买的饮料还算比较不那么"垃圾食品&色素饮料"!我不喜欢喝色素饮料或者碳酸饮料(🥤可乐除外!)我更钟爱气泡水 果汁🍹豆奶和椰奶!基本都是没什么色素的~


1⃣️TOKOMASU气泡水:这次还是最爱的清新小白桃🍑 还有小芒果🥭➕新出的小哈密瓜🍈 喝起来非常的清新爽口 不甜腻 超好喝!

2⃣️茶派: 蜜桃乌龙🍑➕西游茉莉花茶🍃➕柚子绿茶🍵 这个比较偏甜一点儿的果茶也很好喝 每次我都喜欢加点儿冰 稀释一下甜度就很完美了!果香味我很喜欢!

3⃣️VITA黑加仑: 🍇黑加仑果汁 其实就是葡萄汁啦 非常好喝酸酸甜甜的 我已经快一年没买过了😂忘记它的存在了 必须要再宠信一波!

4⃣️PALDO甘米汁: 小小一罐 物美价廉 0.69💲一瓶 甜甜的很好喝 清清淡淡的米汁味道很爽!还可以喝到真实的米 很有趣 有种无酒精米酒的味道🍶

5⃣️伊利谷粒多: 黑谷谷物牛奶🥛在国内就很喜欢的一个牛奶 就是牛奶黑豆的味道 满满的谷物香味和淡淡的牛奶香味超好喝!很香!

6⃣️热带印象海南椰汁: 🥥纯天然椰子鲜榨很新鲜很实在 也很大瓶 超级划算!喜欢这种自然甜香不加香精的味道👍