Homemade Miso Chicken Soup Ramen 🍜 The chicken soup I started yesterday, I made a soy sauce soup base and a miso soup base today. I plan to make two flavors. It's really super creamy to make soft-hearted eggs! ! I admire myself hahaha The soup base is delicious! But I feel that there is a little problem with the recipe I made... Anyway, try other recipes next time and debug more So there are actually two types of miso ramen, white miso and red miso. The proportion of white miso will be slightly larger. Can someone tell me what kind of super white chicken soup ramen is made of...I wonder if it's milk or some kind of additive Should the chicken you choose also be particular about it? ?
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自制味噌鸡汤拉面🍜 昨天开始熬的鸡汤 今天做了酱油汤底和味噌汤底 打算做两种口味 做了溏心蛋真的超级creamy!!自己佩服我自己哈哈哈 汤底好好吃!不过我感觉我做的那个方子有点小问题…… anyway下次再试别的方子多调试 所以其实味噌拉面要用两种,白味噌和红味噌。白味噌的比例会稍微大一点。 有没有大神告诉我那种超白鸡汤拉面是个什么做法…我怀疑是不是加了牛奶还是什么添加剂 选的鸡应该也有讲究??