🌟This Amore hair care oil is said to be the same as the Goddess Qiansongyi😍😍 🌟My mom said it's really super easy to use! 🌟After application, the hair is soft and smooth without frizz, the point is that it will not feel greasy! 🌟 The design of the push pump is also very convenient, one or two pumps at a time is enough. 🌟Yami online $10/bottle, 70ml, super cost-effective, recommended👍
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🌟这款爱茉莉护发精油据说是千颂伊女神同款😍😍 🌟我妈表示,真的超级好用! 🌟涂抹之后,头发柔软顺滑不毛躁,重点是不会感觉油腻! 🌟按压泵设计也很方便,一次一两泵就够了。 🌟亚米网上$10/一瓶,70毫升,性价比超高,推荐👍