Chun Su Xiaoxi Shower Gel 🧴 Yuejing Lily Fragrance Bath Essence, contains Lily Flower Extract, The incomparably rich foam leaves the skin hydrated and moisturized, with a long-lasting floral fragrance! Shower gel similar to the weak acidity of human body PH value, open pores and deep clean The alkaline body wash cleans the surface skin and takes away moisture to dry and rough. Chun Su Xiaoxi Body Wash is gentle and non-irritating, and can be used by pregnant women and babies!
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春素小皙沐浴露🧴 悦净百合香氛沐浴精华,蕴含百合花提取物, 无比丰盈的泡沫,赋予肌肤水养滋润,持久花香! 与人体PH值弱酸性相近的沐浴露,打开毛孔深层清洁 而碱性沐浴露清洁表面肌肤并带走水份而干燥粗糙。 春素小皙沐浴露温和不刺激,孕妇和宝宝都可以用!