Scallion oil soy sauce noodles are delicious 0.5 sugar) The mixed juice and fried shallot oil can also be used with Niutou brand shallot sauce. After mixing it, it is a bowl of hot and delicious noodles that I can't stop eating. I can still eat well after losing weight ~ ✌️ ❤️
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葱油酱油拌面 好好吃呢 之前买的五木老北京挂面 真的很赞 滑滑的 一点也不会糊糊烂烂的口感 开锅煮五分钟 出锅 沥水 倒上(生抽 1: 1 老抽 ➕0.5糖 )拌好的汁 炸好的葱油 也可用牛头牌的红葱酱。拌好就是一碗热腾腾 好吃停不下来的面 减肥的我依旧可以好好吃饭 ~ ✌️ ❤️