Langweixian Garden Vegetable Flavor was bought when I had a discount! Not bad, my favorite snack. But I couldn't do it once, I ate the whole bag! It can only be enjoyed multiple times, haha! There are also Tinkerbell corn🌽 sticks, 10 fresh shrimp egg yolk flavors are super popular snacks, don't eat too many, it will be very tired
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浪味仙田园蔬菜味是我打折扣时,买的哦!还不错,我挺喜欢的零食。但是 我1次没办法,一整包都吃完啦!只能分多次享受,哈哈!还有小叮当玉米🌽棒,鲜虾蛋黃味10个是超人气零食,也不要吃太多个,会很腻