I bought Yami countless times, and finally posted a single 🥳 Haixin's new marinated fish tofu is delicious. The taste is soft and a little sweet. Compared with the taste of Yanting Fisherman, it feels much firmer. Although the taste is Sichuan spicy, it is acceptable to someone like me who can't eat spicy very much~ UFOs! ! My childhood memories! After waiting for Yami for thousands of years, I finally bought it for me! 🥰 Yangchun noodles saw that many people in the comments said yes, I bought it and tried it. Thin slices of yam and shredded squid are the most recent new pits (⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎). Both of them are sweet and unstoppable, and they are finished in one bite. The last big surprise this time is coconut milk! The coconut milk that I have always liked so much this time buy one get one free, and I ended up sending a big box hahahaha. Happy twilight (P.S: I recently found that adding coconut milk and condensed milk to the thick black rice porridge is super delicious!)
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买了无数次亚米,终于晒了一次单🥳 海欣新出的卤香味鱼豆腐还挺好吃的。口感是偏软的,有点点甜。 相比炎亭渔夫的口感就感觉结实很多,味道虽然是川辣但是对于我这个不怎么能吃辣的人是能接受的程度啦~ UFO!!俺的童年回忆啊啊!等了亚米千万年了,终于给我买到了!🥰 阳春面看到评论里好多人都说好啊,买来尝尝的。 山药薄片和鱿鱼丝是最近的新坑(⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)这俩都蜜汁让人停不下来,一口一口的一不留神就吃完了。 最后这次的重磅惊喜是椰汁啊啊!一直都超喜欢的椰汁这次买一送一,结果送来了一大箱哈哈哈哈哈。幸福的昏古起啦(P.S:最近发现往稠稠的黑米粥里加椰奶和炼乳超好喝啊!)