Good luck unpacking!

I received my Yami snacks today! To be honest, I am ordering the cute red envelopes🧧place an order😆 😆😆

I got itGet rich overnight"'s red envelope🧧, hahaha, I hope can get richer and richer😬😬. BlessingsI got money, but I lost trouble”< /span>, why does the sentence feel a bit awkward?😂😂. However, having money and no worries is still a good blessing! Thanks Yami!

However, is it a bit difficult to lose weight? Once you enter Yami's depths like the sea, you will become a passerby from now onHahaha!

The red envelope is a discount code for$99-15, which feels a little underpowered. 😆😆hope to get a direct discount next time$15 😘😘😘

To recommend a few products I repurchase:

Meiji dark piano chocolate, melts in your mouth, not too bitter like dark chocolate, but not too sweet, tastes good!

Shanghai Evergreen Crispy Biscuits are crunchy and crunchy. I can eat at most 1/3bags😂😂😂 span>

The hawthorn pancakes that my son also loves to eat, each piece is individually wrapped in tin foil, which is small and hygienic. Sweet and sour, it feels very appetizing🤗🤗

Youha's extra thick milk candy is full of milk flavor and very delicious! It would be nice if I could have a cool mint flavor next time🤩🤩🤩

🧧Okay, the unpacking inspection is over, I'm going to eat! Happy unboxing everyone!

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