A great body scrub! Love it once you use it! 🌳First of all, I like the smell very much. It has a light floral fragrance and a bit of plant tea tree oil, which is relatively fresh! 🌳The texture is very light, the particles are very fine, it is very comfortable to massage on the body, it feels a little itchy, but I can't stop it hahaha 🌳 The most important thing is that the skin is soft and slippery after washing, and the point is not fake! The thing I hate the most when washing my body is fake and slippery. It feels like I haven't washed it for a long time. The fake slippery will make me roll my eyes to the ceiling. I feel the skin is smooth, like 🌳As for whitening, I’m very white already, hahaha I don’t see the difference for now, but exfoliating is not bad, at least the clothes don’t take up much dander 💧When taking a bath, wet your body, massage your whole body lightly, then rinse off with water, you don't need to use shower gel afterward, use it once or twice a week # 什么值得买 # # 身体护理 # # 0Placeholder_for #esaay_translation800c5a1d90af93691309
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很好用的一款身体磨砂膏!用一次就喜欢上! 🌳首先味道我非常喜欢,是清淡的花香味,又有点植物茶树油的味道,比较清新的那种味道! 🌳再来质地非常轻盈,颗粒很细腻,在身体上按摩很舒服,有点挠痒痒的感觉可是又停不下来哈哈哈 🌳最重要是洗完皮肤那个水嫩滑溜溜,重点不假滑!我最讨厌洗身体的东西假滑,洗很久都觉得没洗干净的那种感觉,假滑会让我白眼翻上天花板🙄️,这个磨砂膏不假滑,是能感受到洗干净了但是真的觉得皮肤是滑的那种,赞 🌳至于美白,我本来就很白,哈哈哈暂时没看出区别,但去角质,还不错,起码衣服上没怎么占皮屑了 💧洗澡的时候,打湿身体,全身轻轻按摩后,清水洗掉就好啦,都不用再后续用沐浴露的,一星期用一到两次 # 什么值得买 # # 身体护理 # # 开箱大吉 #