L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Body Lotion Appearance 🌸Pink, oblique, and the appearance can be controlled. The bottle has a small cap that closes easily. 250ml can still be used for a while. The body lotion comes out a very pale pink! The texture 🌸 is very moist, easy to push, not greasy, very watery, smooth after application, the key is that L'Occitane body milk contains mica particles (mica particles are a natural mineral, will not be absorbed by the skin, more It will not hurt the skin) There will be bling✨, bling✨, bling✨ which is very suitable for the season of exposed flesh. It's very fragrant and smells so good, I really want to get close to the smell you want to smell. I can't stop smelling it! And the fragrance lasts for a long time! Must-have item # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 百万积分第五季 # # 冬日洗护小心机 # # 开箱大吉 #
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欧舒丹樱花身体乳 外观 🌸粉粉的,斜方的,颜值控可以收。 瓶口有个小盖子,闭合蛮方便的。 250ml 还是可以用一段时间的。 身体乳挤出来是很淡的粉色! 质地🌸很润,好推开,不油腻,很水,涂完之后滑滑的,关键是欧舒丹这款身体乳里含有云母颗(云母颗粒是一种天然矿物质,不会被皮肤吸收,更不会对皮肤有伤害)会有bling✨、bling✨、bling✨很适合露肉的季节啊。 它特别香,很好闻,就很想接近你去闻一下的那种味道,对于它的味道真的是欲罢不能啊!而且留香时间持久!必备单品# 我要当测评官第3期 # # 百万积分第五季 # # 冬日洗护小心机 # # 开箱大吉 #