Earth tones: Pat McGrath Opulence Bronze Temptation Reason for making the list: A plate of eye shadow that is earth-colored and cannot be painted dirty Keywords: earth tones suitable for Asians, daily makeup, color matching and surprises Novice friendliness: 🌟🌟🌟 It is a bit reluctant to use it as a representative of the earth color, compared with the two eye shadows of malachite green and wine red. but! The two earth tones on this plate are the most positive I have ever seen, and there is no way to paint dirty colors. Although the earth tones are everyday, some earth tones are very dirty on my face. After the painting is finished, it will detract from the whole makeup. However, the two brown earth colors in this plate are the most suitable for me, and I will choose this plate for everyday makeup that needs a little more solemnity. Its silty quality is also nothing to say, the polarized light is absolutely waxy and soft, and the disadvantage is that it is not very easy to smudge. The matte texture does not fly powder, it is easy to smudge, and the color is also very good. For beginners, although the combination of wine red and malachite green with earth colors is a bit out of the way, this earth color is positive, easy to smudge, and easy to make gradients, which is highly recommended. # 眼影盘推荐 # # 有点小贵但好用 # # 小雨帽的试色日记 # # 新年红运妆 #
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大地色代表:Pat McGrath Opulence Bronze Temptation 上榜理由:大地色颜色正、无法画脏的一盘眼影 关键词:适合亚洲人的大地色、日常妆容、颜色搭配跳脱有惊喜 新手友好度:🌟🌟🌟 把它作为大地色代表稍有些勉强,比较它还有孔雀绿和酒红色这两颗眼影。但是!这盘的两颗大地色是我见过最正,没办法画脏的颜色。 虽说大地色是日常系,但有的大地色在我的脸上就很脏。画完了之后,反倒是给整个妆容减分了。然而这盘的这两颗棕色系大地色是我找到的最适合我的,日常需要庄重一点的妆容我就会选这盘。 它家的粉质也是没话说,偏光绝对糯软显色,缺点是不太好晕染。哑光质地不飞粉好晕染,显色度也很好。 对于新手,虽说酒红色和孔雀绿搭配大地色有点跳脱,但是这盘大地色颜色正、好晕染、好做渐变,非常推荐。 # 眼影盘推荐 # # 有点小贵但好用 # # 小雨帽的试色日记 # # 新年红运妆 #