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Male🚹Sibs if they tell their girlfriends " Drink more hot water"😂, it may attract the infinite eyes of little fairies🙄️And complain, but we have to admit that drinking more hot water is really good for our body and good for our skin 😛, it can even help with weight loss. It is said that one of the biggest signs of every little fairy entering the health mode is to soak wolfberry in a thermos cup, but how to soak wolfberry without hot water, so, today I will give you an evaluation of my new hot water bottle from Yamibuy.


This evaluation report, I will introduce it in the following order.

1. The appearance and appearance of the kettle😍< /span>

2. Boil time🧐

3. The temperature of the kettle body shell when boiling water😎

1. If I had to rate the appearance of this kettle, it would be at least < span class="s2">9I got it. The super pink color has conquered countless girls' hearts. As a face control, I was completely conquered.


The whole kettle is composed of the body and the base


Details and textures are everywhere🥳, (haha😂, I feel like it was promoted on TV, but this is really pure sharing, and I also bought the kettle myself Yes, without any sponsorship elements)


There is a water-boiling switch at the bottom of the pot, with two Chinese characters on and off, which is super cute.


2. Since it is a kettle, the quality of the kettle and the speed of boiling water are naturally very important. This The kettle is 304stainless steel, which is very healthy and safe. After my calculation, this kettle can burn a pot 1.5L water needs4 Minutes, better than my previous kettle.


3. Many electric kettles claim to own3 Layer anti-scalding protection, but the anti-scalding aspect is not very ideal. However, this kettle, after boiling the water, the shell temperature is still acceptable to the skin, probably span>40degrees, so it is considered to be very good.


The introduction is over, applaud and sprinkle flowers🎉, in short It is a relatively recommended kettle, 30a lot of money, the price is also good, I recommend it to you, the photos are all taken by me Yes, it's not easy to code words. If you like my sharing, please give me a like, thank you❤️

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1. 水壶的外观和颜值😍

2. 烧水时间🧐

3. 烧水时壶体外壳温度😎

1. 如果要给这个水壶的外观打一个分,我觉得至少是9分了,超级粉嫩的颜色,征服了无数的少女心,我作为颜控,也完完全全被征服了。








2. 既然是烧水壶,那水壶的质量和烧水的速度自然非常重要啦,这个水壶是304不锈钢的,非常的健康安全,经过我的计算,这个热水壶烧一壶1.5L 的水需要4分钟,完胜我之前的热水壶。


3. 好多电水壶都号称自己拥有3层防烫保护,然而防烫方面却不是很理想,然而,这一款水壶,烧完水以后,外壳温度还是皮肤可以接受的程度,大概40度左右吧,所以也算是做的很优秀了。



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