Homemade poplar nectar ✨

I made poplar nectar two days ago😋

Living on my own in a village without a Chinese dessert shop~Share The process of a child living in a large rural area in North America 自制杨枝甘露

💓Step1: Put the sago into the pot with cold water and start cooking on high heat

💓Step2: Take out inTrader Joe'sThe mango chunks bought are divided into two parts, one part is placed in a small bowl to thaw naturally, and one part is placed directly on the prepared soup base. The other part goes into the cup of the juicer along with the canned coconut milk, milk, and whipped cream, because the milk I bought doesn't have any sweetness in itself, so I added whipped cream, which turned out to make the whole soup base even better There is a feeling of solidification, and at the end there is a feeling of cream and mango sweetness blending together, which is very delicious~

Step3: Keep stirring while the sago is cooking. When I see that there is only a little white spot left in the middle, turn off the heat. Cook it for about 10-15minutes, then cover it with a lid and keep it stuffy, after a while the white spots disappear. Alright

💓Step4: Rinse the sago in cold water to make it So sticky, it feels more grainy, and then pour out the water, but it will inevitably bring some water, I will directly put these and 💓Step2The soup base prepared in Step2 is stirred together, and the whole changes from solid to thick liquid

💓Step5: Spread mango chunks and red grapefruit slices and you're done!

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💓Step2:拿出在Trader Joe's买的芒果块,分两部分,一部分放在一个小碗里自然解冻,一会直接放在做好的汤底上。另一部分和椰奶罐头,牛奶,鲜奶油一起放进榨汁机的杯子里,因为我买的牛奶本身不带什么甜味,所以我加了鲜奶油,事实证明这还会让整个汤底更有凝固起来的感觉,而且最后有种奶油和芒果的香甜交融在一起的感觉,特别好喝~