I recommend this set of water lotion, the acne treatment effect is very good, the acne tends to be less, combined with the spray effect and acne removal mask, the acne disappears very quickly, basically it can be deflated the next day, sometimes it seems to be about to appear soon The kind that hurts when it comes out, put on a mask and spray more to kill the acne in the cradle! The set is a lotion and a facial cleanser, I think it's a good deal! Moisturizing and not greasy, the smell is good, it has a sweet taste of honey, light, the packaging is very strong, the bottle feels very heavy, you have to be careful, otherwise it is easy to break, the spray is my favorite, that's me spray relatively frequently, it is easy to run out of # 28天面膜打卡 # # 私藏好货大曝光 # # A.C.CARE # # 祛痘好物 #
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yami_featured_image 推荐这套水乳,祛痘效果很不错,痘痘有发少的趋势,结合喷雾效果和祛痘面膜,痘痘消得很快,基本第二天就能瘪掉,有时像是马上要发出来很痛的那种,敷面膜,多喷喷雾,就把痘痘扼杀在摇篮里了!套装是水乳各一支,再有送一支洗面奶,我觉得挺划算的!保湿又不会腻,味道又很好闻,有种蜂蜜的甜甜的味道,淡淡的,包装很结实,瓶子感觉好重,要小心安放,否则容易摔坏,喷雾是我最喜欢,就是我喷得比较频繁,很容易就用光了# 28天面膜打卡 # # 私藏好货大曝光 # # A.C.CARE # # 祛痘好物 #