Yamiami out of the box 🌟Purchasing Tu Er Shen Chicken Soup for the first time - it successfully won my heart ❤️ Unexpectedly good-looking, tender chicken, delicious chicken soup! give you a 👍👍 🌟Tu San Hai Tai Potato Chips - let's look at the picture and talk! Every time I repurchase more than 5 packs! Children also like to eat, not salty but sweet with honey! 🌟Picture 4 Hao Huanluo - also a member of the must-buy list every time! It doesn't have as heavy a stink as Luobawang, and it tastes better than Luobawang. If you don't know how to eat spicy food, don't add chili oil packets! The spicyness of the sauce package itself is acceptable to those who can't eat spicy food! Recommend to buy it to buy it ☝️☝️ 🌟Picture 6 Taohuaji Ejiao - I wrote a special post to praise it! The effect can only be seen after eating it for a long time. Based on its taste, it is really delicious. I will continue to repurchase it if it has a health-preserving effect! 🌟 Abalone porridge in picture 7 - I can only say that I will repurchase once in a while! You ask me "is it delicious"! I can definitely say that "it's delicious lazy fast food" is very convenient, you can eat it after heating it in the microwave, but the amount is too small, so the cost performance is not high, you can't eat enough by relying on it! So I will only repurchase once in a while! There are also some foods that I didn't take photos of, they have already been eaten by me! 🤗 111111111111111111111 Okay, that's my Yami unpacking report. Thank 🙏 watch # 快乐宅零食清单 # # 人人都是收藏控 # # 我要当测评官第5期 # # 私藏好货大曝光 #
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亚米亚米开箱 🌟第一次购买图二参鸡汤——它成功的收获了我的心❤️出乎意料的好看,鲜嫩的鸡肉,鲜美的鸡汤!给你个👍👍 🌟图三海太薯片——大家看图说话吧!每次都是5包以上的回购!小朋友也喜欢吃,不是咸咸的是带蜂蜜的甜味! 🌟图四好欢螺——也是每次必买清单中的一员!它不像螺霸王那样有那么重的臭味,口感上也比螺霸王好吃,不太会吃辣的不要加辣油包!酱包本身的辣度不会吃辣的人还是可以接受的!推荐买它买它☝️☝️ 🌟图六桃花姬阿胶——我有专门写了一个晒单表扬👍它!功效这个得长期吃才看的出来、基于它的口感、真的很好吃,有有养生的功效我会继续回购! 🌟图七的鲍鱼粥——我只能说偶尔我会回购一次!你问我“好吃吗”!我可以肯定地说“是好吃的懒人速食”很方便,微波炉加热一下就可以吃,但是它量实在太少,所以性价比不高,你要靠它是吃不饱的!所以我只会偶尔回购一次! 还有些食品的照片没拍下来,已经被我吃了!🤗 一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一 好了以上就是我的亚米开箱报告 谢谢🙏收看# 快乐宅零食清单 # # 人人都是收藏控 # # 我要当测评官第5期 # # 私藏好货大曝光 #