This photo was taken at Six Flags, around mid-May the year before last! It was my first trip to my husband. I still remember that day, many people lined up and waited for a long time. I have my husband's sister, his eldest brother has 3 children, and of course there is a mother of 3 children, and finally my husband and I 😂 We went to the Six Flags to play together, and it was very fun (∩_∩)
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这张照片是在六面旗拍的,也是前年5月中旬左右吧!是我去我老公的上面,第一次旅行的😘 我还记得那天,很多人排队,也等了很久。有我老公的姐姐,还有他大哥3个孩子,当然也有3个孩子的妈妈,最后是我和我老公😂 我们一起去六面旗玩的,也挺开心(∩_∩)