🌹🌹 Cosme Decorte Cosme Perilla Water, speaking of which, I saw my friends in the drying area several times, and it looked good, so I did a little homework. Perilla water is the star product of Coco's family. It is known as an artifact to eliminate closed mouths. The natural plant mint, perilla, and medicinal sage leaves contained in it have the functions of anti-inflammatory, repairing the skin, and reducing keratin production. Closing the mouth is actually the result of the close packing of horny scales, so reducing the horniness is effective in improving the mouth closure. It is said that Orbin healthy water will no longer let you continue to close your mouth, and perilla water is to eliminate closed mouth. Compared with healthy water, perilla water has better oil control effect. 🌹🌹 The bottle body of this bottle of perilla water is absolutely crushed compared to the pale white bottle of Orbin Health Water. The multi-faceted glass makes the purple bottle look crystal clear and transparent, which is very easy to put on the dressing table. Looks good, isn't it! But it is said that perilla water contains alcohol, so friends who are allergic to alcohol should be extra cautious! # 什么值得买 # # 大牌护肤 # # 0Placeholder_for #esaay_translation9bd1968e5568f4c738
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yami_featured_image 🌹🌹 Cosme Decorte黛珂紫苏水,说起来在晒货区看到小伙伴们晒过数次,看着不错所以也做过一点功课。紫苏水是黛珂家的明星产品,被誉为消灭闭口的神器,其中含有的天然植物薄荷、紫苏、药鼠尾草叶等这些成分具有消炎、修复皮膜、减少角质生成的作用,而闭口,其实就是角质性鳞屑紧密填塞的后果,所以减少了角质,对改善闭口是有作用的。 据说奥尔滨健康水是不再让你继续长闭口的,而紫苏水就是消闭口的,比起健康水,紫苏水的控油效果更好。 🌹🌹 这瓶紫苏水的瓶身比起奥尔滨健康水的寡淡白瓶,颜值上绝对是碾压的,多棱面玻璃让紫色瓶身显得晶莹通透,放在化妆台上很好看有没有!但据说紫苏水是含有酒精的,所以酒精过敏的小伙伴要格外谨慎些! # 什么值得买 # # 大牌护肤 # # #亚米晒单# #