Received the evaluation product from Yami: 2 packs of Hakka Pan Noodles. I have never eaten this Pan Noodles before. I have liked all kinds of noodles since I was a child, especially Shandong Ramen and Lanzhou Ramen. I especially like the tendons of wide noodles, and I am very interested to see that this is also wide noodles. The noodles are very small, and the sauce is also very small. It is much simpler than other brands of instant noodles. Visually, I am afraid that I am not enough for my stomach, so I cooked two packets. I didn’t expect to cook more and more. Although the taste of board noodles is not as glutinous as handmade noodles, it is much smoother than instant noodles. The main flavor of the seasoning package is soy sauce and spicy flavor. It tastes very light at first, it is soy sauce noodles. But the more I eat it, the more spicy it becomes, but it is still not spicy enough for people who like spicy food. I mixed some sesame paste and Laoganma into it, and it is invincible! I ate up this big bowl right now! To sum up, the seasoning package that comes with this slatted noodles is a bit monotonous, if you add vegetables or something, the taste will be lighter. But the amazing thing is that adding other seasonings and ingredients will make this pan mee invincible. I really like the pan mee, except for the seasoning packets. Xiexieyami giving me the opportunity to try a face not eaten. # 亚米厨房 # # #亚米晒单# # # 下厨秘密武器 # # 我是测评官 # # 我要当测评官第5期 #
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yami_featured_image 收到了亚米给的测评品:客家板条面 2包 在此之前没吃过这个板条面,本人从小就喜欢各种面食,尤其是山东拉面和兰州拉面。特别喜欢宽面的筋道,看到这个也是宽面我挺有兴趣的。 面饼很小,酱汁就一包也很小,比其他品牌的泡面简单很多,目测一包恐怕我这个汉子胃不够吃,就煮了两包,没想到越煮越多。板面的口感虽然不如手工面那么筋道,但比泡面筋道爽滑很多。 调料包主要味道就是酱油和麻辣味,一开始吃起来很清淡,就是酱油拌面。但越吃越麻辣显现,但对喜辣的人还是不够麻辣,我又拌了点芝麻酱和老干妈加入,无敌了!马上吃空了这一大碗! 总结,这个板条面自带的调味包有点单调,要是加蔬菜什么的味道会更淡。但很神奇的是另外自己搭配其他调味和食料会让这个板面变得无敌好吃。 除去调味包光讲板面的话,我是很喜欢的。 谢谢亚米给我机会尝试了没吃过的面. # 亚米厨房 # # #亚米晒单# # # 下厨秘密武器 # # 我是测评官 # # 我要当测评官第5期 #