Northeast Baked Cold Noodles (restocking is strongly requested!) Although I am a southerner, it does not prevent me from loving cold noodles! It's not easy to eat cold noodles in Meidi, and the packaged cold noodles are so convenient. Stocking up is highly recommended! The cold noodles themselves are very chewy and fragrant after baking! It's really satisfying to eat wrapped in eggs. The garlic chili sauce in this cold noodles and the sprinkles in it are super delicious! Directly upgrade the taste of roasted cold noodles! I only put eggs this time, and 10 minutes is a super delicious cold noodles. Of course, you can also add your own ingredients to make an upgraded version. # 百万积分第六季 #
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东北烤冷面(强烈要求补货!) 虽然是南方人,但不妨碍我热爱烤冷面!在美帝吃烤冷面不容易,这种包装的烤冷面实在太方便了。强烈推荐囤货! 冷面本人非常有嚼劲,烤完喷香!和鸡蛋裹着吃真的太满足了。 这款烤冷面里的蒜蓉辣酱和里面送的撒粉超级好吃!直接让烤冷面味道升级! 我这次只放了鸡蛋,10分钟就是超级美味的烤冷面了,当然也可以自己加料,做成升级版。 # 百万积分第六季 #