I would like to recommend it. This Kool Aid is quite delicious. There are 10 pieces in a box. When you take it out, it is picture 2. The price of 3 boxes is 4.98, which is quite cheap. Tax plus 27 yuan, you can try to know. I bought kiwi fruit and strawberry flavored ones. The supermarket didn't buy kiwi fruit. You can buy this one😘🤗
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我想推荐下,这款Kool Aid蛮好喝的,一盒有10个,拿出来就是图2。3盒是4.98,挺便宜的。Tax再加27元钱,就可以试试看就知道了。 我买的猕猴桃和草莓味的,超市没买猕猴桃,可以买这种的😘🤗