The Dragon Boat Festival seems to be coming soon. Recently, the supermarket has discounted such small dumplings. A bag of 8 4.99 is about the size of two mouthfuls. I bought the purple glutinous rice flavor Put it in the pot and cook for 5 minutes As soon as you open the zongzi, the aroma of zongzi leaves blows in your face! But eating into the mouth is still much different from the zongzi made by my mother. The taste is too soft and not chewy. not very recommended
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端午节似乎快到了 最近超市打折 这样的小粽子 一袋8个 4.99 大小大概是两口的量 我买的是紫糯米口味 放进锅里煮个5分钟就熟了 一打开粽子 扑面而来的粽叶香味! 但是吃进嘴里还是和妈妈包的粽子差很多 口感太软 没什么嚼劲 不是很推荐